Ektor is a playful boy. Sometimes he acts really funny! He looooves to run and play happily. He is very friedly to all dogs. Mostly to the girls. He looooves to please his humans. He is very well behaved and tender. I can't understand from where this sweetheart learned to obey orders. He is very good! Perhaps he was living in a house before? Perhaps he had been abandoned? I don't know. I met him on the streets and started feeding him. He have a very good self confidence and he needs a lot of humans attention. I don't know his reactions with the cats. Ektor is healthy and sterilized. He weighs 28 kg and is 45 cm high. We're about to get evicted and urgently need a new forever home or foster! Please contact us if you have any questions!

Foster mom:
Very calm and well behaved dog. Doesn’t bark, doesn’t play with things that aren’t his toys, doesn’t jump on people. A little bit stubborn but that’s just his personality. Knows to sit and give paw. Loves to be with his human but is very independent. Loves the outside more than anything. Would love a garden. Walks close to human even without leash, listens very well. Can be taken anywhere because he is so calm. Still a little insecure about asking for pets, playing, expressing himself. My guess is that he was in a house before with people who did not mistreat him but who were very strict and taught him to basically be furniture. That would also explain why he likes the outside more.  At the beginning he didn’t even know what a toy was or how to play with other dogs. He is still learning that he can do these things.
Has a preference for human men.
First two months might be complicated but after that he will be happy and comfortable .

Name: Ektor
Animal Type: dog
Breed(s): Mix
Size? L
Sex? Male
Neutered? Yes
Birth Date? 04/06/2018
OK with dogs? Yes but shy
OK with cats? Don’t know
OK with small children? Don’t know but I think so
OK with older children? Very probably
Can be home alone? Yes
Can ride the car? Yes but doesn’t like it
Needs other cats (or dogs)? No
Likes getting petted? Yes
Can be picked up? No
Likes to sit on human's lap? No
Wants to be held/cuddled? Held no, cuddling yes
Personality? Calm, independent, cuddly, well behaved, social


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