Fragoula suddenly appeared when she was 5 months old. She must have grown up in a house and was left outside because she didn't know how to look for food and she was very thin. She ran after people to pet her. She gets along very well with cats but even better with people! She is quiet, cuddly and always looking for human contact. She is now 1 year old (born in February 2022 ) vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized.


Name Fragoula

Animal Type cat

Breed(s) (shorthair or longhair?) Shorthair

Size (small - medium - big?) Small

Sex (male or female?) Female

Neutered? (If not, when?) Yes

Birth Date? 28/02/2022

OK with dogs? Not tested yet

OK with cats? Yes

OK with small children? Yes

OK with older children? Yes


Needs other cats (or dogs)? No

Likes getting petted? Yes

Can be picked up? Yes

Likes to sit on human's lap? Yes

Wants to be held/cuddled? Yes



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