Hi this is Grace!

She appeared out of nowhere. Someone probably abandoned her. She was caught to be neutered, however her rescuer already had a few cats at home so she couldn’t keep her. After two days the rescuer decided to bring her back to where she found her, but Grace had already made a planto seduce the rescuer! So when the rescuer left her and was getting in the car, Grace started crying and running after the car begging the rescuer to take her back home with her. The rescuer couldn’t help it! She put her in the car and ever since then she's been living her house.

Grace is like a delicate princess, so she needs a calm home where she'll get the necessary attention that she needs. The belly is off-limits. emember, she is a princess and she decides when you're allowed to touch her. She hates dirt and getting wet. and expects clean water as well. She is very talkative and likes watching birds and humans outside, so she needs big windows. She always waits at the door when we come home to greet us and has to sleep next to her human at night.

Although she asks for wet food she doesn’t really like it, she prefers delicious dry food. Also she loves heights: sitting on high places like closets, shelves etc. And last, but not least, she needs somewhere to do her manicure!

Are you ready to treat her like a princess?


Name? Grace

Animal Type? (cat or dog?) Cat


Size? (S-M-L) M

Sex? Female

Neutered? (Y/N and when?) Yes 2020

Birth Date? 02/06/2020

OK with dogs? No

OK with cats? No

OK with small children? No

OK with older children? No

Can be home alone? Yes (but will wait at the door till the owner comes and will watch from the window when the owner leaves )so no for too long :)

Can ride the car? Yes ( but not happy getting in carrier)

Needs other cats (or dogs)? No

Likes getting petted? Yes, on the head

Can be picked up? No

Likes to sit on human's lap? No, likes sitting/sleeping next to human

Wants to be held/cuddled? No

Personality? Independent calm and delicate . Loves calm and quiet environment.


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