Kawaii is a little cat that showed up outside our apartment building on March 10th, 2023. He stared intently at the front door for a long time and managed to sneak inside. Eventually, through the adjacent apartment, he ended up on my balcony, where I started taking care of him. It seems like he really wanted a home, maybe he was looking for his own people... The next day he came inside and showed that he knew what it was like to be in a home. He lived peacefully with my two cats for three days, and since then has been staying with a bunny and a small dog in another house. He became friends with the dog, and while there was no problem with the bunny, we separated them for the bunny's safety. We couldn't find his previous owners, if there were any. According to the vet's estimate, he was about 7 months old when we found him. He had a slight cold and some dermatological issues, which he overcame. He has grown in size since he was very small initially. He is very good with people, cats and dogs alike. He even let me clip his nails. He responds to cuddles, hugs, and tenderness with purring. He likes to sleep with people on their bed and on his own small bed as well. He also likes to play and to eat wet food and snacks.


Name? Kawaii

Animal Type? (cat or dog?)  cat


Size? (S-M-L) M

Sex? male

Neutered? (Y/N and when?)Y  5/4/2023

Birth Date? (DD/MM/YYYY) 08/07/2022

OK with dogs? yes

OK with cats? yes

OK with small children? no known experience with children

OK with older children? no known experience with children

Can be home alone? yes

Can ride the car? yes

Needs other cats (or dogs)? no

Likes getting petted? yes

Can be picked up? yes

Likes to sit on human's lap? yes

Wants to be held/cuddled? Yes

Personality? Playful and affectionate







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