King George was rescued after being attacked by dogs. It’s a miracle he survived as the injuries on his head were very serious. Thanks to the amazing efforts of his vet and his strong and stoic character, King George made a full recovery. You wouldn't even know this happened to him!

He is now perfectly ready for a home. Despite spending 4 months in a crate and undergoing a long period of treatments and surgeries, King George is one of the coolest cats we have ever met.

He will sit close to you, purring loudly and kneading with his huge paws while enjoying head and chin rubs. He will slowly close his eyes for you, which is the cat’s  way to send his humans kisses! He is not a lap cat, but we have seen that once he becomes comfortable he becomes much more cuddly and will allow lots of pets and even kisses!

George is a super easy, low key cat who appreciates safety, good company and lots of food. He is slowly remembering how to be a cat again, sometimes will start playing on his own and it is very sweet and endearing just seeing him enjoying some fun.

He is 4 years old, with excellent blood values, and tested low FiV+, which normally just means he need good quality food and some probiotics. He is also diagnosed with chronic enteritis, which basically means he has a sensitive tummy and needs to eat well and not be under stress.

After being in a foster where unfortunately the resident cat hasn’t accepted him (which had caused him some stress) he was adopted and then quickly returned by now fault of his own. We think that the stress of moving around and not being accepted has been very hard on him, but in a stable and loving home he is amazing boy! He has been through a lot so we really wish for a patient and understanding family that will give him the comfort and time he needs. With the extra love and attention, he will reward you by becoming the sweetest little buddy.

Due to his trauma we would place him only with dogs who are calm and/or already used to cats. He would be perfect as a single indoor cat.

His current fosters have written a little piece about him so everyone can get to know him better!

''After traveling around in Belgium for a while I found a new home in Maastricht to catch my breath.
Even though I have seen a lot of places, I felt at home pretty quickly. My foster parents made me
get to know my new home step by step but I had no fear and quickly discovered all 3 floors of the
house. Claiming my spot on the couch in between them on my first night and letting them cuddle
me. They seem to know what I like so I allow belly rubs and regular brushing sessions, and I will
let them know when it’s enough with a friendly tap of my paw.
I’ll make sure I’m in the kitchen whenever someone is there, you never know if there is some tuna
for me! Although they put something in it the past week, they call it probiotics and pumpkin. It’s
supposed to help my intestines and to lose some weight but hey, as long as there’s tuna…. And I
love my playtime after dinner! For the rest I’m easy going and enjoying my naps around the house.
Oh my name here used to say Lakis, but since I’m the new royalty in the house my foster parents have
renamed me King George!''

Name? King George (formerly Lakis)

Animal Type? (cat or dog?) Cat

Breed(s)? DSH

Size? (S-M-L) L

Sex? Male

Neutered? (Y/N and when?) Yes, mid 2022

Birth Date? (DD/MM/YYYY) 10/01/2018

OK with dogs? Yes

OK with cats? No

OK with small children? No

OK with older children? Yes

Can be home alone? Yes

Can ride the car? Yes

Needs other cats (or dogs)? No

Likes getting petted? Yes

Can be picked up? Yes

Likes to sit on human's lap? Sometimes

Wants to be held? No

Likes cuddling? Yes

Personality? Easy going cuddle bear with clear boundaries


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