Meet Menios and Panorm! These two adorable boys were found only one-two days old alongside their mother in a cardbox on the side of the street in Athens. Panorm is the smaller one and as a baby his leg was caught in a trap which cut off his foot. He lived with his stump for a while until it started to bother him so he had his back leg amputated in May 2023. He is  healing extremely fast and he is doing amazing without his leg! He manages perfectly to jump, walk around and even to kick his big brother Panorm off the bed. He has no problems living a normal life along with his brother except now he has no pain.
They both are people oriented, they love to be around you, sleep somewhere close to you and play with toys or anything that attracts their attention. As soon as they learn your habits, you will find them waiting for you back home from work eager to play and watch the TV, even though Menios prefers the washing machine! They love other cats and of course food, tuna especially! They are respectful, very well mannered and they use cat scratchers. We would love for them to get adopted together as they are inseparable and they adore each other! They are nervous around dogs so they could possibly be placed with a dog that is respectful of their space but they would be happy without a dog as well.


Name? Panorm and Menios

Animal Type? (cat or dog?) Cats

Breed(s)? DSH

Size? Panorm S (4kg) and Menios M (6kg)

Sex? Males

Neutered? Yes

Birth Date? (estimated) 01/05/2022

OK with dogs? Yes, if calm

OK with cats? Yes

OK with small children? Unknown

OK with older children? Yes

Can be home alone? Yes

Can ride the car? Yes

Needs other cats (or dogs)? No

Likes getting petted? Yes

Can be picked up? Panorm yes, Menios not yet

Likes to sit on human's lap? No

Likes cuddling? Yes. Both love to be brushed

Wants to be held?  Panorm yes, Menios not yet

Needy/clingy scale (1-10) 6

Personality? Playful, extremely curious, smart, very attached to each other, crazy for tuna, respectful, very well mannered



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