Our Nacho has had a hard life. He was rescued in Montenegro as a newborn with his brothers and sisters and was one of the lucky ones to find a home! Sadly the family gave him back after one year so he ended up back on the street. His original rescuers quickly picked him up and put him in the shelter until he was able to come to Belgium. He was adopted again, and returned again, through no fault of his own. He then went into what he hoped was his final home, but our sweet boy is once again available. All of this moving around has caused him some reactivity problems and separation anxiety. His last adopters spent a lot of time working with him on his fears and problems but sadly he is still nervous and over-stimulated living in the city so we are looking for a home that is less busy.


He knows to sleep in a crate, but can get nervous when he is left alone. He is doing very well on the leash and with his muzzle but still gets over excited when seeing other dogs coming towards him. He is looking for an experienced owner that is willing to put in the work to help him so that he doesn’t have to change homes again. He has worked with our trainer who has done amazing things with him! We would like him to continue training with Canine Concepts after adoption. For more information please get in touch!




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All our animals are checked by a licensed vet before traveling to Belgium.

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Vet costs

Travel costs

Titer test (if needed)

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