Say hello to Philip! When he was found he had such a severe eye infection that he was unable to see. He was rescued while attempting to cross the street and thankfully just in time to avoid an accident. 

He is around 1 year old but very small in size due to malnourishment (around 2 kg) , so he looks like 5 months. 

He is neutered and has a microchip. He is missing one eye, and the eye socket hasn’t been stitched yet. There is some discharge but if it stops, there is no need for surgery according to the vet. The other eye has an ulcer, so he doesn’t have a perfect vision but he is able to see. He reacts to motion very good & loves to play with various toys. He has some difficulty with calculating heights & distance, and moves with caution until he feels comfortable in a new space. And in limited light & darkness, he gets a bit stressed.  

He uses a litter box but if it is an enclosed one he won’t get in if the the door is closed. 

He is very energetic, playful & adventurous. He is also very sociable and loves to have company & to be petted.

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