Zen is a lovely calm senior cat... more than 9 years old.

She was found in a park alone sitting and waiting for someone .. when she saw her rescuer who offered her food she immediately run to eat, she was starving. Her rescuer saw she was in a bad condition as she could barely stand still, so she was taken to the vet. The initial step was to sterilize her, however the rescuer was informed by the vet that Zen had been already sterilized but didn’t have a cut ear so the poor girl was opened twice. Before taking her home, the rescuer did all the blood exams to see her health condition.

Zen had some high protein and white cells, as well some indication about her kidneys. She had a blood test a month after and the protein and white cells, although lower than the first time, were still higher than should be.

She also had an ultrasound done, which shows that her kidney is not in bad condition but have been affected. Her colon is a little bit thicker, which may indicate a possibility of limphoma in few years (but this is not certain).

However, even after feeling so poorly, Zen proved to be a very nice cat who loves eating a lot of wet food and drinks a lot of water.

She likes making conversations (cat talks) and sleeping on the couch. She looks for human companionship and loves sitting on the lap and next to her human. She is very easy going, doesn’t have any problem being lifted, loves cuddles and at the vet she is the best patient! Very cooperative :)

Zen prefers being the solo cat with her human.

She is social and not shy at all... she gets adapted easily and just needs a warm place coz she feels cold very easily.

She needs to have windows to sit and watch outside as she loves that!

Needs to have windows to sit and watch outside.


Name Zen 

Animal Type cat 

Breed(s) shorthair 

Size medium

Sex female

Neutered? Yes

Birth Date? 10/03/2012

OK with dog? Doesn’t care 

OK with cats? No 

OK with small children? No 

OK with older children? No

Needs other cats (or dogs)? No
Likes getting petted? - Yes
Can be picked up? - No
Likes to sit on human's lap? - Yes
Wants to be held/cuddled? - No
Personality? - She is very calm, likes to eat, to sleep. She plays sometimes with a not real fish. She likes to sit on me or near me, when I pet her. She doesn’t like other people.





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