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Lou's story starts 2 years ago when she was born on the streets in Greece. As a puppy, she was shot and fractured her left femur which resulted in problems with her development, and with her leg healing poorly.

Now she is 2 years old and has made her way to Belgium looking for a better life, but unfortunately her problems didn't stop there. She has been diagnosed with leishmania, is riddled with bullet fragments, and is suffering from the pain in her knee. 

This poor girl has been through so much already and unfortunately her fight isn't over. In order to give Lou the life she deserves, she needs a surgery on her knee to help her walk without pain and live her life to the fullest. This surgery is not easy, and not cheap. Due to the positioning of her knee, her femur will have to be cut straght across, repositioned, and then healed. This also means that she will require physiotherapy, medication, plus her leishmania medication.

The surgery plus her physiotherapy and medication will cost close to €4000, and this is only the beginning. She is also looking for a stable place to recover and a forever home that will love her no matter what. 

Please consider helping Lou by donating now to her surgery and recovery!  You can do so by following the link below <3 

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