There is nothing better than coming home to a handmade meal, fresh from the oven. That is why all of our products are handmade with fresh, biological ingredients for the health of your furry friend. Cakes and cookies can also all be made vegan so no matter what, there is always something for everyone! All cake flavours can also be made into pupcakes, and pupcake flavours into cakes. If you have questions about any of our products then don't hesitate to ask.


Please note, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible so you may receive your order in reused boxes from suppliers, personal orders etc. This includes the protection inside the box as well (bubble wrap, foam peanuts).



Nala's Nummies

  • €12.00

Celebrate your pup with a treat from Nala!

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  • €17.00

Decorate your home with these gorgeous pillowcases.

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Spoiled Dog Cake

  • €12.00

Celebrate your pups special day with a homemade cake!

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Squeaky Bone Toys

  • €7.00

Handmade toys for your playful pup.

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Sweet Potato Chews

  • €5.00

Give your pup a healthy chew to pass the time.

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Sweet Potato Rope Toy

  • €8.00

Fun and delicious! This toy is sure to be a winner.

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