Meet Nala

Nala was found at three months old in Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. She was friendly as ever, living near a restaurant and getting food from the visitors. When she saw us, she would not let us leave her. She followed us up the trail towards the mountain and I knew that there was no way I was leaving without her.

Six months later, and with the help of some amazing people, she finally arrived in Belgium, and now gets to live the life she deserves. All the treats she could dream of, more love than she ever knew was possible, and the ability to save other dogs like her. 

All living things deserve a chance to grow



More about us

Nala’s Friends is a non-profit organization based in Gent, Belgium, that believes in no borders. No border or amount of distance should prevent an animal from finding and getting to their forever home. We believe in people coming together, near or far, to help end the days of stray and abandoned animals. Which is why we are here. We work with shelters around the world, to help facilitate adoptions, funding if possible, and care of animals.

Having an animal shelter has always been a lifelong dream. To be able to show animals that we aren’t all bad and help some of the animals I always see on my travels. One day in July 2019, my life changed and the Nala’s Friends journey began. I was at Durmitor National Park with my boyfriend, heading out for a hike when this tiny ball of fur looked at me. Naturally I pet her, and from that moment on we were bonded. She clung to the back of my pants as I walked, and followed us up the rocky trail to the base of the mountain. Any attempt to return her to the restaurant at the lake was met with her running after us again. She had decided, she was coming with us. No matter how big the rock or how far the step, she followed us up that trail. When we stopped, she would sit and wait for us. When she was tired, she would sleep in my arms or sit in my backpack. She was the perfect little sidekick, and there was no way I was leaving without her. That’s how we met the amazing ladies at Happy Paws. They kept our little girl for six months while we waited for her medicals to be finished, and she was on her way to Belgium.

Thanks to Nala, we have been able to make a dream come true and created something that one day, will help bring an end to strays in the world.


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