Help us empty the Thessaloniki Shelter

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  • Goal: € 1 000.00
  • Donated: € 70.00

In Thessaloniki, Greece there is a small, locally run shelter that we work with that has only 50 dogs left that are looking for a forever home! Most of these dogs have spent their entire livres in the shelter and have never learned what it's like to have a forever hoe or a family. Our 2024 goal is to EMPTY the shelter and see all of these sould happy in their forever home! 

You can see some of the dogs in the 'adopt' page with 'resolution' next to the name. If you would like to see all of the available dogs then don't hesitate to send us an email or a whatsapp! Can't adopt? We are always looking for sponsors and donators to help with the expenses at tyhe shelter. Each month the shelter spends at least €1035, not including veterinary bills: €200 rent, €835 for food. They currently owe more than €6000 in previous vet bills and gain more every day. If you can’t adopt then please consider donating to help care for the dogs that are still in the shelter.  

Total adopted animals for 2024:

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