Dog Shampoo


Leave them smelling amazing and feeling softer than ever with our new and improved formula!

Don't you hate looking at the ingredients list of shampoos and seeing a bunch of words you don't know? With our homemade shampoo what you see is what you get. We only have 5 ingredients that lock in moisture, imrpoveshine, act as a natural deoderant and give a deep clean! There are no hidden ingredients or fillers, only the best for your pooch. In this shampoo we use lavendar for relaxtion and peppermint as a flea repellent.

Our shampoo is sold in 400 mL glass bottles with a pump to make application easier.When you run out, return your bottle and get a refill at a discounted price!

Please note: This shampoo is much thinner than normal shampoo because we do not add any fillers or thickeners, but this does not take away from the cleaning and moisturizing effects!

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