Chip and Dale were found as kittens in Greece and brought in to a foster home where they could be safe until finding their forever home. These spoiled and funny boys are now living life in Belgium with their new family and they couldn't be happier!

These funny boys now rule their house where work almost isn't allowed to get done!

A note from their new family:

"When we were looking to adopt one or two cats, we found Nala's friends. We fell in love with Chip and Dale. The kitties and their names spoke to us. 

Also through the adoption, it has been great meeting new people. We are grateful for caring and taking care of the kitties before arriving in Belgium. 

It has been an adventure for Chip and Dale arriving in Belgium. We prepared and made our home as comfortable as possible for the kitties to get used to their new home. It is so great to see Chip and Dale blossom up. And see them growing into our home. We love them so much. It is fun to watch Chip and Dale eating, playing also with toys, climbing the cat tree, giving hugs and pets and having their sweet moments together. Getting to know their  character is amazing. 

We are happy to have Chip and Dale in our family."

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