Eleanor's story has a rough start, but don't worry! But it's the happiest of endings. This beautiful long haired girl was rescued in a bad condition from the streets of Athens. With a hole in the roof of her mouth, a constant cough and runny nose, she couldn't eat or drink without spilling her snot everywhere. On top of this, she had high white blood cell counts but no reason why! Through rounds of tests, antibiotics, and more tests, no reason could be found. It was looking like Eleanor would never find a home of her own! 

After too long of looking, this beautiful girl finally found the perfect home! Even after an almost 4 mont hwait to be cleared to travel by the vet, she is now in Beligum and receiving the very best treatment. The hole in her mouth has been fixed, and her cough is almost gone! We can't believe how lucky she is to have found a family that would take care of her and give her everything she needs. 

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