Felix and Fay have had hard lives. Felix was rescued as a baby from the streets and Fay was rescued after giving birth and having her kittens attacked. They have been waiting for someone to show them kindness and love, and now that wait is over!

They arrived in Belgium in April 2021 and are being spoiled with adventures and all the toys they could want. Fearless Felix wasted no time claiming her new house while Fay just sits back and relaxes. Thank you to their new parents for giving them an amazing home!

A note from the family:

"We welcomed Felix and Fay on April 12th after a long journey from Greece to Amsterdam and then finally to their furreverhome in Belgium. 
It didn't take long before Felix's curiosity took the better of her and her under the sofa hiding rapidly shifted into sniffing her two new servants 😉.
From the beginning she was very social and chatty, with a wide vocabulary of purrs. She has now become the at home fly catcher, keeping the house free of unwanted guests.
With Felix came Fay, her foster family buddy. Fay initially appeared to be the antipode of Felix; she preferred to stay in a safe cocoon and was rather anxious. However, after 2 months she transformed into a flourishing, cuddly lady with a well established culinary palette; where food is, Fay is. Her social shyness has been overcome and she often beats Felix during wrestling games. But she can still very much be a lady as she loves to be brushed and also starts to talk more and more. Felix both keeps an eye on the cleanliness of the litter box (she will tell us in time) as well as her servants (she washes our hair and face). So eventually, it seems that they are both happy they've adopted us 😉"

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