Ilios was found in a horrible condition in a small town in Greece and was quickly diagnosed with FeLV (feline leukemia) and severe stomatitis. He couldn't eat, groom, or even drink due to the severe pain in his mouth. After months living at the vets office in Greece, he came to Belgium for foster and to recover.

Months later after having all but two of his teeth pulled, trying out lots of different food (and finding out he has food allergies!), antibiotics and pain killers, he is finally in a forever home with a family that loves him!

He is now finishing his recovery and getting ready for a life of adventure, love and happiness! It's stories like this that make everything we do worth it. Congratulations Ilios!

A note from his family:

"Ilios is a curious cat, always looking for trouble. Everyday is a little adventure with him. With a huge house to explore, he got also a doggy brother. Still getting used to this one, but naps together are always good. Each day he becomes more confident and looks healthier and healthier and for sure we cannot miss when he wants food as he will sing for us. But well this is now our little rascal."

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