Rallou has a story that is all too familiar. Found on the streets, she was taken into foster while waiting to find her forever home. Luckily for her, that didn't take as long as it does for others and she has found an amazing family that is perfect for her!

A note from the family:

"On our search for a furry friend, we came upon Nala's Friends. After we sent an email we received a very fast response and could keep in contact through WhatsApp. That's where we received photos and information about the animals that were up for adoption. After receiving a few pictures, we immediately fell in love with Rallou. When I asked more about her, Nala's Friends let me talk to Anastasia, who was caring for Rallou until she was ready to go to her new home. I loved the quick responses and all the information I received. The communication was superb. After a lot of messaging we soon found out that Rallou would be perfect for us, a sweet and social cat in need of some loving attention. Even after making the decision, we could count on regular updates, pictures and videos so we almost felt we knew her already when she arrived with us. After a month or so, Rallou was ready to come home. She boarded the plane and after a long journey she arrived safely in Belgium. Even though we expected her to need some time to get used to a new environment and new smells, she almost immediately jumped onto my lap, asking for some cuddles. That first day and night, she ate, she used the litter box, she used the scratching pole... And a little later, she didn't even mind walking on a leash to explore the garden. What a dream! She has now a forever home with us thanks to Nala's Friends and Anastasia, as we can't do without the welcoming meows, sweet headbutts, lapnaps, playing fetch, looking for all her favourite mice under the cupboard... anymore."

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